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Transport applications require combined qualities of strength to weight, robustness and high-grade finish. It is a hard testing ground that has provided us a great background and a wealth of experience in engineering solid product. We have a strong base of transport related customers amongst many other production contracts.

Truck Deflectors

From 1981 to 2013 Ryman Composites manufactured the NoseCone truck deflector. In July 2013 the wind deflector manufacturing and distribution business was sold to Aerotrans in Melbourne.

The longevity of these products on trucks is testament to manufacturing quality. With over 40 moulds in work at any time we clearly understand the need for precise production planning and accurate delivery promises. We have supplied to many large truck body builders for on line installation, shipping daily to meet production requirements that include a range of sizes.

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Bus Components

We manufacture bus components including side panels, front and rear caps, internal bulkheads and components. We can offer finishes in high gloss colour matched gelcoat or in easy-sand gelcoat for fast and clean pre-paint preparation. Special attention is paid to production of parts for post painting and oven baking to ensure surface integrity and flatness of the finished part. Selection of specialised laminates, cores and resins assist with the processability and long-term stability of the part.

Tractor Parts

Selected as the supplier of the complete set of cab component parts for this Australian designed articulated crop and vine spray rig, the parts were engineered like sheet-metal components mating inner to outer and flange to flange, Layup thickness, reinforcement placement and part trimming and finishing are critical to the final assembly. This work is our specialty and our skilled crew in handlay and chopper sections thrive on producing parts that go to produce such an iconic Australian piece of farming equipment. Ryman Composites assisted with the initial mould design, manufactured moulds, created inserts and layup specs etc and will be involved in the ongoing manufacture of multiple components for the cab, drive segments and the 2000 litre tank.

Agricultural Spray Tanks

We have been involved for many years in the contract manufacture of agricultural spray tanks for purpose built spray equipment. Sizes range from 250litre chemical tanks up to 4000lt trailer mounted tanks, with internal baffles, tunnels, and bulkheads for specialised applications. Material selection including specification recommendations of resin, gelcoat and reinforcement are part of our service. The parts you see in the photographs were all made here from moulds made in house to customer specifications. Significant engineering has been put into both the trailer attachment, structural jointing, the manufacturing process of the tunnel insert and the baffle and internal tank partition. We get into the design, not just the manufacture of parts.