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We have also manufactured components for boats and marinas and other on-water applications where UV resistance and salt-water exposure are primary considerations. In close collaboration with our suppliers we select materials for best matrix of performance and cost. Supplier backed material selection ensures performance warranties are appropriate to the application. 


One of the largest parts we manufacture under contract for a client is a 3.6 metre x 2.4 metre fully molded mooring pontoon complete with non skid deck, internal hardwood frame, integrated mounting blocks, two colour gelcoat, and matching hatches. Our client approached us with the hull mould but required a new deck mould including modified ramp attachment and provision for high water angle, larger hatches, integrated non slip surface and a more attractive two colour delineation. Patterns and moulds were made in house, the internal framework re-designed and the deck laminate specification written for best strength to weight performance.


Pontoon Furniture

Fast turnaround to photographs and a set of basic drawings was the client brief. Refurbishing party pontoons after many years in service the client needed new deck furniture and some of the moulds had gone missing and others were in need of refurbishment. While not stylish the furniture is functional, robust and easy maintenance. We repaired and refurbished the surface of some moulds and created new short run moulds from gloss board, installed radius corners and access hatches as required. The finished parts in white gelcoat were given a sand and buff to finish and delivered to the client on time for installation a few days before the first summer booking.



Dock Buffer

Design and manufacture of moulds for other applications is requested from time to time. From vacuum forming tools to foam injection moulded parts. Our client had a basic design for this product. With input from Ryman Composites the fixings, structure and volume / weight requirements were accommodated. The product designed and the mould requirements, aesthetics and split locations adjusted. We then produced a very high quality pattern by CNC cutting and hand assembly and finish to create a high gloss mould including injection ports, bleeder ports, quick clamp / locking systems and pressure relief systems.