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Fibreglass is often selected by designers and engineers for industrial applications due to flexibility of design, relatively quick turnaround, very economical low to medium volume tooling and structural flexibility. These features combined with choice of finishes make it an ideal medium for many product applications from housings, tanks, wet area applications and any application requiring compound shapes and a homogeneous surface. From design, material selection, laminate specification, tooling, moulding and production we have the experience and skills to bring your next project in on time.

6.5 metre "Skymapper" Telescope Dome

As a continuation of our success in the field of dome manufacturing, we were selected to produce the 6.5 metre dome for the Australian National University's new "Skymapper" telescope at Siding Springs Observatory. EOS (Electro Optical Systems), a division of Grumman Aerospace requested capability statements and estimates for patterns, tooling and production of the fibreglass components from several composites manufacturers. Ryman Composites was successful both for capacity, quality and innovative proposals for the design, production, assembly, finishing and supply of the various components.

The parts are manufactured from fire retarded resin and gelcoat to tight specification for structural integrity. Further each part had a custom interior layout of insulation that was installed to provide maximum effect but minimal clearance to structural steel and intersecting parts. A system of segmentation, application and coating was developed producing an effective and acceptable inner finish.

Sadly all our work is only appreciated by the occasional tourist to the observatory mountain top and the CCD camera and operating equipment as the fully air-conditioned telescope housing is operated remote from Canberra and is unmanned except for maintenance.



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Qantas Boeing Rolls Royce Jet Engine Maintenance Access Platform

Existing maintenance platforms used at Mascot, Avalon, Tullamarine and other maintenance ports by Qantas had become unserviceable. The design did not accommodate safe handling or installation systems. Qantas approached Ryman Composites for a better solution within the design parameters set by Boeing / Rolls Royce for the engines on their fleet of 747 aircraft. We worked with the Qantas engineering staff to better understand the handling, installation and operational requirements of the maintenance platforms including several site visits and install / de-stall into the engine cowlings. Redesign included weight reduction for OH&S handling requirements, better internal structure to give greater platform strength, integrated handles removing pinch and twist handling risks, a revised component joining system to give positive secure part to part key location, section to section locking and recessing of the catches into the deck surface to reduce trip hazards. Finally an integrated / moulded non skid surface was incorporated for the safe use. Final production also required selection and specification of adhesive and application of rubber grip strips to the engine cowling mating surfaces ensuring that the assembly does not slip on the Titanium inner cowling surface while in use. Revised part drawings were submitted to and approved by Rolls-Royce.

Cable Junction Box

Buried in the deserts of the Middle East these cable junction boxes hardly need to be beautiful, but they do need to be structurally sound and dust (and water) proof. Manufactured for the harshest conditions to high structural requirements and with captive bolts, lid pre-drilled and test assembled the boxes are an integral part of our client contract installation.  

Giant Spa Bath

This impossibly large ‘spa bath’ was built as a one off for a local film production company. For all the cost it appeared on screen for <10 seconds. Measuring 4.9 x 4.3 m x 1.0 mere deep it incorporated steps, ramp and seating all built from foam, ply and timber. Surfaced to permit one pull from the temporary mould. The surfaces were cleaned up to give a low sheen finish. The external frames, required as an afterthought by the designers, were also devised and installed by NCA and were designed to make the part self-supporting when full of water and film stars. Seen in the accompanying photos during the loading process it was one of the largest single parts our crew had ever seen at the time. Our production area and capacity are geared to work with large parts and our crew relishes a challenge whether it be big or small, detailed or just heavy, we can get it made.

Machinery  / Process Line Access Platform

An OH&S requirement on a new production line was for a fully insulated and safety compliant mobile work platform that could be moved along the line to permit maintenance and component changes by electrical contractors and production staff. NCA worked with the client, their safety team, other component suppliers and operators to design and build the initial two platforms. All design and operating requirements under OH&S and insurance guidelines including non-skid, steps, rails, weight, safety bars and loading capacity were met. Trust Ryman Composites for design, management, fabrication and execution of your next FRP project.

Planters 1

For this project our client requested Ryman Composites to assist with design and manufacture of a specialised large capacity planter to meet and exceed council requirement for street landscaping outside their new facility. The 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.6m planter design was required to support large trees and to incorporate water reservoirs to include a self watering system. The base of the planter was designed to permit pallet jack lifting for relocation or cleaning. The resulting pods were used to form the reservoir and a floor installed that permits water flow between the three pods. 


Planters 2

Ryman Composites was approached by a well known Sydney landscape Architect and garden design company to assist with design and manufacture of a custom planter solution for a client commission we believe the result is quite spectacular. The requirement for almost automotive finish gloss surfaces, low maintenance gelcoat finish, very sharp moulded corners and assembly placed all components of our crews experience and skill on the line to deliver a truly unique and aesthetically exciting planter. Combined with inspired landscaping and plant selection the planters and water feature are a striking addition to a city deck. The planar gloss white gelcoat surfaces are a striking offset to the softness of the plants and ground cover.


Planters 3

A local construction company required fast delivery of 20 planters to meet a DA Approval deadline. Planters 2.0 x 0.6 x 0.6 with styled rim were required fast. High quality white gelcoat finish for long life and robust, scratch resistant clean-ability were needed. Ryman Composites designed and built the moulds, produced the parts, assembled and installed integrated feet and delivered on time. Contract met, council and contractor happy.

Fume Cupboards

We are currently producing laboratory fume cupboard fascia and complete units for two clients. These parts are made to exacting standards for the scientific, educational and research industries. They feature high quality gloss exterior surfaces for easy clean and superior appearance. Fire retardant resin systems are used to meet BCS requirements. One client commissioned us in 2008 to manufacture a new range requiring 5 axis CNC machined patterns and all new moulds for the range of widths required to meet the market. An innovative approach to pattern design allowed the production of an adjustable plug producing all sizes at a lower cost whilst retaining the critical surface integrity required by the market for laboratory equipment. These parts are highly detailed, have return flanges, split moulds, intricate trim lines and high surface finish. Just the sort of work we love.

Water Tanks

Current new developments for clients are Commercial in Confidence at this time. The recent fascination for plastic tanks based on low initial cost has had an unfortunate but we believe temporary effect on fibreglass tanks. Fibreglass has abilities in aesthetics, structural integrity and finish that far exceed the capability of plastics. This combined with the ability to manufacture modular water storage and treatment tanks will in future see fibreglass again recognised in this market. Watch this space.....

Wastewater Treatment Components

Ryman Composites manufactures components for wastewater treatment systems. These parts are chopper gun manufactured, flow-coated and edge sealed for maximum durability and appearance. Parts of several sizes are produced from the same mould requiring precise positioning of inserts, accurate cutting and finishing. 


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Dec 8, 2010, 6:26 PM