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Commercial and Consumer

From projection screens to oar blades, fibreglass provides the compound curves, shape, structure and long term performance required for all types of product. With the assistance of 5 axis CNC pattern-making from CAD drawings we can make your product ideas a reality. Composites provide a cost effective solution for short, medium and long production runs where high surface finish, adjustable structural performance and strength to weight are required.

Virtual Reality Cinema Screens

3 metre iCinema Screens

In 2005 we were presented the opportunity to manufacture a hemispherical dome screen for the UNSW iCinema Centre for interactive Cinema Research. The resulting pattern, mould, parts and the installed product was as pleasing to us in the creation as it was to the client. With minimal filling of the fine segment joints an almost perfect hemispherical shape was created from drawings and presents a unique screen for further tests and installations of this exciting technology.

The client has since returned for a 4.0 m screen mould. Part and mould design of both sizes were critical for surface integrity, access size, transport and joint strength. Where the 3.0 m screen segments were radial, the 4.0 m screen is made from 2 sizes of triangular part, this creates parts of manageable size and a web of flanges that give the surface structure.


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Backpack Billboards

Lightweight, high gloss and black gelcoat were the requirements for the shell, designed by a Sydney industrial design company for deployment in the UAE. Fibreglass was chosen for the clear benefits of out-of-mould gloss finish and structural integrity in very thin laminate. As the unit was to be internally lit there was an additional requirement for full opacity. We advised further that the application of RTM manufacturing process using dark pigmented resin would provide both the opacity required and a finished internal surface for installation of GPS, mobile phone and light battery components.

Designer Stools

We don’t know what was more important to the client and their designer. The precise colour match or the shape to match the logo, but both were critical for this cluster of stools for their foyer fitout. Knowing that automotive paint coatings would chip over time, gelcoat was a very logical and practical choice although a nightmare for our supplier who produced gelcoat matches from pantone® colours to help us achieve a fantastic result. Internally foam and ply reinforced to provide strength, stability and secure invisible fixings for carpet sliders the client was happier than a child on Christmas morning when they saw the finished result.

Bassinet Insert

For a major design work that has subsequently gone into commercial production in plastic this bassinet insert for Georgia Williams design was done as a fast prototype with the mould machined on CNC and a part taken from the machine surface. Finishing to high gloss from this process can be costly for more than a few units but very effective for prototype, test fit installation, proof of concept. Our thanks to Georgia Williams for  these images.

“Attached are some photos of my final design 'chrysalis' - the fibreglass part ended up being very successful and fit over the wooden frame with a scary amount of accuracy! For this model, I covered the fibreglass with felt to achieve the warm look that I was going for. For further information, my website is www.georgiawilliams.net 

"Chrysalis is an infant cot that can be used from birth until 5 years of age as a bassinet, cot and first bed. Its primary function is to provide a safe sleeping environment appropriate to an infant's age and development. The bassinet may be used from birth until approximately 5 months, the cot from 5 months until 2 and a half years and then progressing onto a junior bed that may be used until a child outgrows it.” 


Medical Calibration Sphere

Required by a medical lab manufacturing calibrated lung testing equipment this calibration sphere was made on a lathe cut mandrel mould, surfaced and prepared for casting. Structural layup was calculated for zero or predictable distortion at specified pressures and the location of the vent holes precisely calculated and cut to the clients specifications. 


Oar Blades

Following significant R&D and development work Ryman Composites have commenced manufacturing surf boat oar blades for a new client. Previous suppliers had manufactured moulds that required significant modification for accurate production and consequently they had been unable to make parts in any volume or with consistent quality, strength at most critically, at the required weight. Damon Owen worked on the project with the client and our team rectifying the moulds, developing the layup specifications, training the guys and successfully producing the first order of 50 pieces with 0 faults.

Game Console Cowling

Our client supplies high-end gaming consoles, for home use. For the dedicated gamer it is all about realism. These Dash Cowlings replicate the instrument binnacle of a racecar, covering some of the steering telemetry. Engineered to look the part and precisely fit the base-plate and internal components for ease of assembly.