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Building and Construction

With wide ranging experience and projects related to the building industry we understand the requirements of the BCA and other relevant standards. Fibreglass can give your next project that finish or shape that conventional building materials cannot achieve. 


We were approached by the builder to create a re-useable, custom shape concrete profile formwork for a Sydney harbour private residence. The mould was designed to withstand the rigors of handling and pressures in-situ during multiple casting cycles. Our in-house ability to CNC cut plywood for both the initial form and the mould reinforcement meant we can produce a better designed, lower cost part in less time.   


In 2004 we were contracted to manufacture semi- translucent, high volume, passive roof ridge vents for a corrosive environment. CCBM production methods were used to provide thickness consistency and a resin rich finish internally for corrosion resistance. Translucent gelcoat and specialised resins were used for performance and to provide the required light transmission, UV resistance and corrosion resistance. Export requirements included packing and crating to clients specifications.

Baptismal Font

Ryman Composites projects feature high quality and intelligent design

Custom designed and made shapes are relatively simple in fibreglass. In this instance a temporary mould was fabricated from gloss Melamine HMR – MDF and radiuses applied by hand. Stairs, drainage, non-skid and tile surround base were all incorporated. The client then requested that the part be self supporting so structures were added in manufacture to precise dimension so that the part was not bearing load on the surrounding structure. Ryman Co    mposites was integral in the design from the initial enquiry.

Building Facades

In 2009 we were commissioned to re-create the logos and detail of a prominent Sydney building. The Architect called for fibreglass for weatherability, ease of erection, longevity, speed, weight and fire resistant properties. The mouldings and logos were faithfully re-created from original drawings.

We have manufactured fibreglass ceilings, domes and arches for various construction projects over the years for various building companies. For this project like many others, fibreglass is specified for long-term weather resistance. Outlasting timber, metals, plastic while being easy to re-coat. The small cornice moulding, larger square capping and the logo are all from FRP moulds created in house on CNC or by hand.

Many other projects such as light fittings, domed ceilings, archways and detail are supplied to the industry. Typical of the building game, lead times are often compressed and in the rush we have missed the photographs.

Light Features

We have manufactured fibreglass lighting features on various projects over the years. This project was begun by a home based fibreglasser who could not get the finish, laminate consistency or translucence required and came to us for a solution. After liaison with the designer and client we presented a prototype that was approved and manufacturing started. Due to delays at the start of the project we were running each few days production direct to site and the parts were literally being hung off the truck up to the day of opening night. Meant to resemble bubbles in cola, the lights are certainly a striking ceiling feature of this prominent Sydney nightclub.


Decorative but acoustically functional

Decorative but acoustically functional was the brief by the acoustic engineer when we were requested to quote to produce these high gloss speaker cone extensions for a new venue in Melbourne. Ryman Composites supplied 14 of these specially designed and calibrated speaker extension cones for a new venue in Melbourne CBD. Designed by an Acoustic Engineer, Ryman Composites created a lathe-spun pattern, built a mould with removable flange designed to precisely mate in radius and curvature to speakers from Europe. The parts required a very high quality mould to reproduce the very high gloss surface in manufacture. The mould had to be as close as possible to an Automotive A1 finish, as the parts are to be manufactured in High Gloss black gelcoat. The result is an amazing installation and a surface that really shines.


Mobile Phone Antenna Shrouds

Over many years we have been a supplier to antenna contractors to the major telecommunications networks constructing shrouds and camouflage panels for their antenna installations. Many varied shapes, sizes, textures and structures have to be created usually from temporary or short run moulds. Tubes, squares, panels etc are all fairly easy. Matching texture, pattern and colour is where the skill is required. Fibreglass specifications for zero RFI interference is required plus secret fixings, precise internal dimensions to fit structural elements built by others. The parts, frame and installation only come together on site usually hanging off a crane so it has to be right the first time.