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Automotive and Recreational Vehicle (RV)

We have been engaged in contract manufacture of RV parts for over 14 years. Our production capacity, quality and service have been integral in maintaining excellent long term working relationships with our clients.

Motor Home 

Components for our main customers in this segment include front & rear caps, side skirts and internal components. 

Our services commence with significant input into the part design and attachment, pattern making by conventional methods or by 5 axis CNC. Surface finishing of the master part or pattern is critical to the final part surface and this is conducted in house in every instance to ensure the best mould surface possible. Mould engineering and manufacture including split moulds, inserts and layup specifications are also done in house. Prototyping, initial fitting and delivery system considerations are all part of the integrated service we provide to our clients. 

Our proprietary production tracking and order fulfillment systems ensure reliable JIT or specified lead times and stock levels are met and maintained with 99.68% on time record.

JIT Parts Store, delivered ready to install or for final finish.

Shower stall components prior to final trim and carcass installation

JIT Parts Store, Nose Caps prior to preparation for install.
NoseCap installed and painted with lights and sunroof vent.   

Side Step installed over support frame and painted with non skid applied.

Set of Side-skirts installed and painted, some are drawer fascias.
Wing and side-step combo part installed and painted.

Finished part with air intake aperture, prior to pack and ship
Air intake aperture detail showing rolled edge and high gloss finish.

Camper Van

Ryman Composites has developed new moulds for both the VW T5 and Toyota Hi-Ace vans. Using traditional pattern making and 5-Axis CNC methods patterns and moulds were produced for various clients. We believe them to be some of the best looking roof conversions around. We continue to offer supply of these parts from these moulds. We have Lid & Frame sets for many models plus gas boxes and other components. Please call us for available parts and prices. Unfortunately due to the engineering required and the additional components needed these parts are only available for trade sale.

Current Moulds available include:

  • Toyota Hi Ace 2005 (and later) Lid & Base Frame 
  • Toyota Hi Ace 1999-2004 LWB Lid & Base Frame 
  • VW T5 Wide - Lid & Base Frame 
  • VW T3 Base - Lid & Base Frame 
  • Pregio 2004 - Lid & Base Frame 
  • Various VW and HiAce Gas Boxes 
Toyota Hi Ace 2005 (and later) Lid & Base Frame

VW T5 Wide - Lid & Base Frame


Not all towed advertising trailers are equal. These beautifully finished triangular mobile billboards are full evidence of this fact. Ryman Composites assisted in the initial design of the parts and produced all plugs and moulds for production. These units are manufactured for use in Australia and for Export. The lightweight structural components for this billboard trailer are manufactured to tight strength to weight specifications. Using hand lay-up and some split moulds to provide return flanges to suit the structure and assembly of the trailer to a semi monocoque construction. Black gelcoat is a very difficult medium. The quality of part reflects the mould maker’s art most critically in black and other dark colours.


Car Parts

We are now manufacturing the splitter panel for the Lotus Elise S2 sports car. A splitter has 2 main functions: aerodynamic increase in down-force at the front of the car, and secondly providing damage protection for the front clam. Previously available parts were a poor fit or finish and hard to install. With a bit of thought Ryman Composites has produced a part that has an off mould high gloss finish (normally Black) and incorporating fixing point locations and cutouts to assist with easy fitting.


Engine Cover / Battery Tray

Fibreglass presents opportunities for fast prototype, quick mould and immediate short run production for items that have traditionally been made in timber or sheet metal such as this engine cover. Due to model changes requiring increased part complexity and the need for greater aesthetics and requirements for rounded edge for safety, product liability and OH&S considerations, fibreglass was the logical choice. Our client produced a reverse part in melamine MDF, thereby creating a basic mould. NCA applied radius surfaces into the slab mould, adjusted release angles and produced a prototype within 5 days. A second prototype part was then fully finished and a production mould taken from the final part.