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The Production Team

Fibreglass manufacturing attracts a wide range of people. Usually they enjoy both the physical component of working with their hands combined with an artisan attitude to the creation of a part by the application of raw materials. Transforming resin and glass to a finished sculpted form is both challenging and enjoyable. Most of our people have been in the industry for many years. They impart their knowledge to new employees, trainees and apprentices every day and by doing so enhance their skills and those around them. 

We pride ourselves on having a friendly, happy and multi-ethnic team who surprise us every day by their willingness to help each other and help us to produce better products. From initial sales call, technical assistance, manufacturing, packing and dispatch we take pride in doing the job and doing it right the first time.   

We have enjoyed many years of accident and incident free operation due in part to the care and attention of area supervisors through to the attitude and skill of our operators.  

Winnebago Supplier of the Year (2009)

In 2009 we again were the proud recipients of the Winnebago Supplier of the Year Award. This recognises both on time delivery, quality and service over a year and where we manufacture a range of components from 2 kg to 50kg on an advance order and JIT delivery system. Chris Ryman, Managing Director, was proud to accept the award on behalf of the whole Production team. 

Australian Federation of Employers and Industry Team of the Year Award (2003)

In 2003 our Fibreglass Production Team won the Employers First (now Australian Federation of Employers and Industry (AFEI)) , Team of the Year Award. It was our privilege to nominate the guys for a terrific year and to recognise their achievements in production and especially teamwork. The $20,000 prize, split equally between them was a well-deserved bonus for a crew that rose to all that was asked of them in that year and still continues to make our company unique in this industry. 

Winnebago Supplier of the Year (2002)

In 2002 a great team effort saw the business presented with the Winnebago Supplier of the year award.