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Production Methods

At Ryman Composites we offer the following production methods:

Open Moulding by Chopper Gun Spray Up

Open moulding is by far the most common and popular method of fibreglass manufacture, Recent technology in resin spray flow has enabled the reduction of VOC emissions to that approaching hand lay-up. In addition resin atomisation and controlled spray patterns reduce waste due to over-spray to a minimum. Efficient for short to medium production runs the process also allows good flexibility for laminate variation, inserts, local reinforcement and selective laminate placement.

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Detail Hand Lay-up

Some parts require fine detail work or insertion of components where the glass & resin matrix is applied by hand. This is usually employed on smaller parts, short run or moulds that are used infrequently. Higher volume parts with more complex laminates benefit from RTM infusion technology. Hand lay-up usually incorporates template cut or machine cut glass stack. The use of pre prepared and known glass weight mat produces a part of predictable thickness, weight and properties. This consistency is the strength of hand lay-up and why it is often chosen for specialist parts and short to medium run where weight is a critical factor.

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RTM or Light RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding / Closed Moulding)

Similar to other closed moulding systems but employing a hard inner mould or liner, usually made from polyester or vinyl-ester resin where many closed mould systems use silicone or other bagging material. There are many advantages to a hard inner mould. Predictable finish, precise location of secondary components by the inclusion of location marks in the 'B' mould, inserts, local reinforcement and laminate thickness variations can all be accommodated in the mould system with high accuracy. Additional advantages include ability to produce outer and inner high gloss faces by applying a superior surface to the 'B' mould allowing the interior surface to be gelcoated.

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