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Manufacturing Plus...


Our Guildford production facility comprises some 2,400 square metres of factory space plus additional extensive undercover and external racked storage for customers moulds. In production floor space we have over 600 sq metres under chopper gun and 500 sq metres for Hand-lay and RTM infusion processes. This is complimented by 300 sq metres of Quality Control, Finishing and Pre-delivery. We also have 250 sq metres in our pattern and mould making shop. The balance of the space being allocated to access, CNC, welding and maintenance, mould storage, finished part storage, packing and delivery staging, effectively making us a one stop shop for your next fibreglass project.

Our spray-up shop has the latest Magnum-Venus Pro FIT low emission depositor equipment in both Gelcoat and Chopper application. We also use Glas-Craft Gelcoat units and Glas-Craft Spartan RTM stations in our RTM and Hand-lay areas.

The RTM shop uses the Light RTM method giving excellent part dimension, thickness and structural consistency. The RTM product requires additional initial investment in mould design and counter-mould but this investment is quickly returned in production speed, quality and finish. See elsewhere on this site for description of the RTM manufacturing process and it's benefits to both the environment and the finished product.

Contract Services

Our contract services can include design and manufacture of new moulds or refurbishment and maintenance of customers’ existing moulds. We offer the option of including maintenance of moulds in production contracts. Our control of mould readiness assists us to provide consistent, reliable on-time deliveries. 

Production is more than just a part, it starts with  a good mould and can only be sustained at an economical level by quality tooling that is treated with care and respect. With our production contracts our clients can be assured of quality parts from well maintained moulds. It is in everyone’s interest to keep moulds in good condition to minimise finishing work by our finishing department, customers or other contractors down line. 


Manufacturing & Consulting Services

Our customers expect more than finished parts. We like to look at projects from idea to distribution and add our thinking, value, expertise or experience wherever we can. Whatever stage your project is at we can offer our services.