2. Pattern

When you select Ryman Composites to assist or manage your project, depending on your stage of development you can engage with us at any phase of the process.

Our project map starts with design and works through the other stages. See below for the Prototype and Pattern Component stages that we believe should be considered and incorporated into a complete project flow:

Work from this stage assumes that a finished approved design is complete and signed off. 3D Models, release angles and all details checked. IGES files are available to be sent for machine path creation.

Design Confirmation

    • Design Development approved
    • Design Detail approved
    • Final Surfacing checked 
    • 3D Model approved
    • Design Signoff 
    • Create IGES files
    • Create Machine Files

Initial Prototype (Optional) 

    • CNC Machining of temporary mould 
    • Surfacing mould  
    • Prototype Part 
    • Part Cost Review 
    • Pattern Approval 

Pattern Creation 

    • CNC Machining 
    • Surface to primer
    • Dimension Check
    • Surfacing Plug to final part finish 
    • Flange details considered
    • Mould split locations provisioned
    • Joining insert locations considered 
    • Surface check 
    • Mould Approval 

Mould Design Finalisation 

    • Open mould - Hand-layup 
    • Open Mould - Chopper-gun 
    • Closed Mould - RTM Lite Infusion 
    • Single mould 
    • Split mould 
    • Multi-part mould 
    • Rigid or Flexible mould 
    • Closed mould 
    • Heated 
    • Cooled 
    • Gimbaled 
    • Mould Cost Review 

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