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At Ryman Composites we understand and appreciate good design. We are involved with it every day from material tp process and product. It represents what we do, the application of intelligence and experience to a process that produces the required result.

Our input into design of process and production cannot start without your idea but allow is to help with creativity and innovation in any or all stages up to the manufacturing process. From assistance with part design, prototype and pattern production, material and process selection, mould design and manufacture to production, assembly, warehousing and distribution we can assist at one or all stages.

The fibreglass or composites production process starts with an idea or drawing and finishes with a production part. The repetitive, consistent quality production of fibreglass parts requires a quality mould. The quality of a mould is only partly determined by material selection and workmanship. Our involvement or assistance in design, pattern-making, mould design and manufacture, material selection and part production can offer you a production edge.

You may not need our services for the design process but please let us show you what a long life quality mould looks like. This is our core business and something we are very proud to be known for. Poorly designed or executed moulds can result in rejects, rework or reduced mould life. Let us show you what we do so you know what to expect. 

The design and material selection process for the mould is only one stage of the Design to Distribution map that we work with. 

The stages and processes may seem daunting but with prior knowledge or awareness and good guidance many of these are quick and painless stages or decisions. They all however require experience and consideration. We know that failure to think through the process can result in critical path delays, expensive rework, cost over-runs or at worst lost business opportunities. We offer our experience and knowledge to make your project work – from start to finish. In fact – with Ryman Composites as your partner – we guarantee it. 

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