Other Services


We offer a full range of traditional pattern-making and mould making services in-house alongside or complimentary to CNC pattern-making services. Naturally our preference is given to production of moulds where contract production is offered however we do produce plugs, patterns and moulds for other manufacturers and clients. We construct plugs and patterns in High Density Tooling Board, HD Polyurethane (PU) foam, timber, MDF & plywood, polyester and some moulding clays and wax.

Our pattern shop staff consists of qualified patternmakers and assistants / apprentices with additional external sub-contract patternmakers and staff on call from production as required.


Material & Process Selection prior to Engineering, Design & Development

With extensive composite material selection history and experience, we can assist with product design and engineering or call on other external resources as required.

Before engaging the services of a design engineer or industrial designer a short meeting with our team will assist in guiding the optimal design and manufacturing process selection best suited to your product and fibreglass production. We are always happy to assist with design to help avoid problems that can be readily prevented with practical advice.