CNC Pattern Service

Pattern-making is a craft that goes back to the village blacksmith. Part sculptor and artist, part engineer it requires imagination and skills from carpentry to alchemy. There are many forms of pattern-making, from the simplest carpentry to manufacture a box shape to the lofting of curves on a boat hull by highly skilled and talented shipwrights. 

Today the old skills are combined with computer services to produce patterns of exceptional complexity and outstanding finish. We use traditional methods right through to the latest CAD design and 5 axis CNC machining to produce patterns, plugs, masters or prototype parts with exceptional accuracy.

The availability of CNC facilities provides us and in turn our customer with accuracy, efficiency and speed. CAD design allows for the preview of the finished part and in some cases, virtual walk through or assembly to other components prior to launching into the next stage of physical pattern-making but without doubt this is the final stage before making a mould and must be done with care and respect for the materials to be used at each stage. It is this extensive knowledge and experience that we bring to your project that assists to ensure the final part will be everything you anticipated you would get from fibreglass.

The creation of high accuracy patterns for production of high quality moulds using 3-D modelling and CNC technology is changing the industry. These technologies work together to allow design freedom, checking and 3D imaging combined with flexibility and accuracy in the production of almost any size and shape of pattern required.

We have extensive experience in the production of quality patterns for general mould work, split moulds, closed moulds for infusion moulding (RTM) and we work in a range of materials selecting the most suitable for pattern production to ensure the resulting plug meets the required strength, stability, accuracy and cost and ensures the best mould possible. Our patterns are made from a combination of products such as Very High Density foam or tooling board, PVC, MDF or Craft or Customwood, filled polyester over foam. Patterns can be sealed to allow for longer term stability and resistance to shrinkage if required.

We can quote direct from existing 3-D models or 2-D sketches, our design service can model complete patterns including required flanging so clients have an accurate model of the part and the finished patterns for approval. We can work with 3-D models from most common design packages.

From our extensive experience in taking conceptual ideas through to completed production ready 3-D models we can help you through all stages of your composite design requirements from the creation of models for simple shapes to complex assemblies. We also offer:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for weight or structurally critical components allowing design optimisation and accurate performance predictions.
  • Remote review of designs and changes by using a free viewer to see and check dimensions of CAD designs.
  • Detailed working drawings are produced and surface data used for computer aided manufacture. 
  • Production of lamination schedules including individual layers and orientation of the plies to construct the composite part.