CNC Cutting Service

In addition to providing Patternmaking Services our CNC capacity is also critical to our daily production services. Our ability and response time to produce cut shapes, ribs, customised reinforcements, inserts and profiles for production is critical to our delivery promise as well as the convenience and speed it provides for our pattern shop. Where other shops require these parts to be supplied by the customer or external contractors we have the flexibility, efficiency and ability to cut, test, modify, prototype and produce in house.

The type of parts we produce range from ply and plastic part inserts, complete flooring reinforcements, framing, lightweight fittings, to machined aluminium brackets and bracing. The most common materials are A-Bond Ply, HD PVC Board, MDF, Melamine MDF, aluminium, plastic and cast resin sheeting.

Ask us for advice, if we haven't mentioned it we have probably still researched it. 

We can offer fast turnaround for cutting jobs, we have access to most materials and can usually work from files in .pdf, .ai, .dxf and .dwg formats or create files from dimensions provided at very reasonable rates.