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Ability & Capacity

Our facility is made up of four manufacturing areas totalling 2,200 sq metres with separate work spaces for RTMHand-lay and Chopper production plus dedicated areas for Pre-deilvery Quality Control, Packing and Dispatch, a dedicated mould maintenance area plus Pattern and Mould shop including CNC facilities, we offer outdoor and undercover mould storage for temporary storage of moulds in regular production. 

Ryman Composites began as a truck aerodynamics company that now embodies our Composites manufacturing arm. Over 30 years of fibreglass production has gained us a reputation for reliable manufacture, innovative thinking, highest quality and consistent on-time delivery.  In addition our own range of products we contract manufacture for many customers, we do mould development, project management and one-off projects. 

Beyond manufacturing we offer our experience at any or all stages of the Design > Plug > Mould > Part process. Only by assisting in these areas can we ensure you of the best possible outcome.

We offer a 30 year history in composites manufacture in Australia with one of the largest composites facilities in NSW. We provide secure mould storage for parts in regular production and a choice of three manufacturing processes to suit product and volume
  • Process 1 - Chopper gun layup, open mould, large parts short and long run, flexible layup
  • Process 2 - Hand layup, small parts, detail work, short or long run production, flexible layup
  • Process 3 - Resin infusion using light RTM or Resin Transfer (closed infusion) Moulding for long run production, engineered layup, excellent for detail work.
We currently produce in excess of 100 tonnes of finished product per year in parts ranging from 2.5 kg to 300 kg. Our extensive site and production methods, flexible multi skilled production staff, all readily provide capacity to accommodate customer requirements. For production area and further description of our facilities see Manufacturing Capabilities for more information.

In dimensional terms we can accommodate parts / moulds up to 6 metres in length.

We have been manufacturing composite products on the Donald St., Guildford site for over 25 years. In that time we have manufactured and shipped many thousands of truck aerodynamic devices, manufactured moulds and parts for thousands of recreational vehicles plus pontoons, spa pools, formwork, film set components, spray tanks, telescope housings and many other parts from moulds that we have  manufactured in house and also from customers moulds.

Our expertise is not just in the manufacture of fibreglass composites, we offer and apply intelligent thinking and vast experience to the product, design, production method and logistics of delivery to add value for our clients. 

We have our own trucks for scheduled delivery services and careful handling of customers parts and moulds. If required for regular production we have extensive storage facilities to house customers moulds. This provides speed, availability, care in storage, reduced risk and minimises mould freight and handling cost to our clients.

We are happy to arrange a tour of our facilities to pre-qualified clients. Please call us to discuss your project and arrange a tour to better understand all the services we can offer when selecting us as your manufacturing partner.