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Acronyms & Definitions

Acronym Expansion How we use it
CAD Computer Aided Design  
CCBM Closed Cavity Bag Moulding  
CNC Computer Numerical Control  
Craftwood Brand name like Customwood for MDF  
CSM Chop Strand Mat A reinforcement matrix, used predominantly in hand layup, created by chopping strands of glass that are then bound together using a proprietary powder or emulsion binder.
Customwood Fine wood particles press moulded to a man made wood and usually bonded using phenolic resin  
FEA Finite Element Analysis  
FIT Fluid Impingement Technology Where two pressurised fluid streams are directed towards each other to create a controlled spray pattern with minimal atomisation
FR Resin Fire Retarded resin  
FRP Fibre Reinforced Polyester  
GP Resin General Purpose resin  
HMR MDF High Moisture Resistance MDF  
MDF Medium Density Fibreboard - ALso known as Customwood       
Melamine Phenolic Resin Coating pressure applied laminate   
RHS Frame Rectangular Hollow Section (usually Steel or Aluminium) but can include fibreglass pultrusion.  
RTM Resin Transfer Moulding  
RV Recreational Vehicle  
SUR Reinforcement Spray Up Roving Glass fibre roving (string) used as a matrix reinforcement. It is supplied as a creel or coil and dispensed and 'chopped' to the required length by the Chopper Gun as it dispenses the resin, catalyst and roving into or onto the mould surface.
VOC Volatile Organic Compounds  
WR Woven Roving Glass