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About the Company

Ryman Composites (previously NoseCone Australia) is a 100% Australian owned family company that has been manufacturing fibreglass composites in Australia for 30 years.

Since introducing the NoseCone® wind deflector into the Australian Transport industry in the early 80s we have been manufacturing, distributing and installing the NoseCone wind deflector. as well as manufacturing composites for many other industries including RV, industrial, infrastructure and construction. We recently sold the NoseCone® business and brand to Aerotrans P.L. Melbourne, Australia prompting a name change.

NoseCone continues to be the leading and best value fuel saving device on the Australian market offering an average return on investment of between 3 and 9 months. Now combined with the other brands in the Aeroz Products range. As part of the sale we have retained the NSW distribution of the full range of products. These can now be found at www.aerozproducts.com.au

Over the last 30 years the NoseCone name become synonymous with quality fibreglass products and the aerodynamics we manufactured for trucks and trailers. Our expertise has grown since the first units were fitted to Wards Overnighters (a division of Mayne Nickless) and Discount Freight Express (now Startrack Express) in 1981.

Our quality production requirements and 25 years + fibreglass experience led us to further develop our capacities and capabilities in order to offer manufacturing services in a wide range of products using several composite technologies. From open mould spray-up to RTM and Closed Mould Infusion systems we can offer cost effective quality manufacturing backed by a pattern and mould making shop, all in house.

The Ryman Composites name continues to represent a long history of manufacturing workmanship, expertise, experience and quality. Our fibreglass capability and knowledge have been gained and improved by our early internal requirement for a quality product in both mould and item. In 1994 we decided to offer manufacturing services to select customers. 

This has allowed us to grow and acquire additional space and equipment to enhance our offering and today we undertake JIT and contract manufacturing for a range of customers with products ranging from motor home body components to observatory domes. Our range of services and manufacturing skills place us in a position to accept wide ranging types of projects from preliminary drawings to finished production and in some instances to installation.

Comprising four manufacturing areas totalling 2200 sq metres with separate work spaces for RTM, Hand-lay and chopper production plus dedicated QC and Pre-deilvery, packing, outdoor and undercover mould storage and our pattern shop we can offer concept to distribution manufacturing.

Extensive experience and a deep range of skills allow us to provide consultancy and product development assistance way beyond regular fibreglass production. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and add our input to your new project. Let us help you with your current requirements or project development and design for manufacturing with friendly service and confidentiality.